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With the development of media technology in the era of globalization, public opinion that has accumulated into public discourse can be observed in various types of media, such as mass media or social media. This social discourse has the ability to influence the decision-making process at the elite level, especially in relation to public issues. A similar situation can be seen in the West Sulawesi region where some of the people have access to mass media and many of them have become active users of the internet and social media. The public discourse that is built up in the media is not impossible to have an impact on the public policy-making process in West Sulawesi. The results of the analysis show that during the 2015-2018 period, public discourse on social media did not have a significant impact on the formulation of the 2015 No-Smoking Regional Regulations and the Singing House Perda in Polewali Mandar in 2016, but had a positive impact on the formulation of the 2017 Mamuju Waste Management Regional Regulation and the cancellation of the 2017 Mamuju Waste Management Regulation. Miras Majene in 2018.


Public Opinion Public Discourse Social Media West Sulawesi

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