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Child marriage is becoming a more severe issue that affects both national and international societies, as it violates the human rights of girls and impedes important development goals. This paper aims to discuss two topics, first, the study of child marriage in terms of social and economic aspects. Second, research on the numerous initiatives that have been made by numerous parties worldwide to address the issue of child marriage. This paper uses library research methods and takes West Sulawesi Province as the locus of study.  This paper shows that providing information, skills, and network support to women as catalyst to mobilize themselves and their environment is considered the most impactful compared to solutions in the form of financial incentives and other similar solutions. This study offers “A Friend to Share Project” treatment through a randomized control trial design mechanism for women's groups in West Sulawesi. “A Friend to Share Project” is a progressive approach to tackle the patriarchal system that subjected women to domestication in a social and economic context.



child marriage women empowerment west sulawesi randomizes control trial design

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