Analisis Big Data untuk Memprediksi Penyalit Kanker

  • Heliawati Hamrul Universitas Sulawesi Barat
  • Arnita Irianti Universitas Sulawesi Barat
Keywords: sistem, informasi, website, programming, basisdata


Strategic information systems is needed by each institution as a tool to winning the competition. The main services provided by universities to students is academic  services. One form of strategic information systems at higher education institutions is e-learning. E-learning is a system capable of providing academic services to students. E-learning optimization function in providing academic services to students is needed.This study will try to assess a problem: how to optimize the function of e-learning by applying digital pedagogy and methods of effective learning in the form of e-learning. There are many methods that have been developed but these methods can only be practiced in the classroom should bring teachers and students in the learning process so that the outcome can be maximized. E-learning is designed to help teachers develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities needed to facilitate a blend of face-to-face and online learning experiences that engages the digital generation: today’s connected students. The expected outcome of this research is a strategic information system for internet-based learning system that is able to meet the needs of teachers in implementing digital learning pedagogic model of effective and efficient which can be accessed widely by the students.