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In this paper, we study symplectic form on low dimensional real Lie algebra. A symplectic form is very important in classifying of Lie algebra types. Based on their dimension and certain conditions, there are two types of Lie algebras. A lie algebra with odd dimension endowed with one-form  such that   is called a contact Lie algebra, while a Lie algebra whose dimension is even and it is endowed with zero index is called a Frobenius Lie algebra. The research aimed to give explicit formula of a symplectic form  of  low dimensional contact Lie algebras and Frobenius Lie algebras. We established that a one-form associated to simplectic form determine a type of a Lie algebra whether a contact or a Frobenius Lie algebras.To clearer the main results, we give some examples of one-form and symplectic form of Frobenius and contact Lie algebras.  


bilinear form, contact Lie algebra, Frobenius Lie algebra, one-form, symplectic form.

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