Journal of Mathematics: Theory and Applications is a national journal intended as a communication forum for mathematicians and other scientists from many practitioners who use mathematics in their research. Journal of Mathematics: Theory and Applications disseminates new research results in all areas of mathematics and their applications. Besides research articles, the journal also receives survey papers that stimulate research in mathematics and its applications. The scopes of the proposed field are not limited to the field mentioned. Other relevant fields will also be considered.

Pure Mathematics: Algebra, Number Theory, Geometry, Analysis, Topology, Logic, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Graph Theory;

Applied Mathematics: Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modelling, Dynamical Systems, Operational Research, Optimization, Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Mathematics, Computational Mathematics;

Statistics: Mathematical Statistics, Multivariate Statistics, Time Series Analysis & Forecasting,  Statistical Methods, Probability, Nonparametric Statistics, Circular Statistics, Spatial Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, 

Applied Statistics and Data Science: Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Statistical Modeling & Simulation, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Quality Control, Computational Statistics.