Anjoro follows to a double blind peer-review process that is rapid and fair, and also ensures a high quality of articles published. Keeping Anjoro as a high quality scientific journal, depends on reviewers with a high level of expertise and an ability to be objectivefair, and insightful in their evaluation of manuscripts. The Peer review process consisted of five-step process such as accept submission, revisions required, re-submit for review, decline submission, decisions for reviewer.

Editor in Chief will assign the manuscript to Managing Editor for further handling. Manuscript check and selection are evaluated by manager and editors. Editors have a right to directly accept, reject, or review. Before further processing steps, a plagiarism check using Turnitin or other equal plagiarism detectors is applied for each manuscript. Manuscripts that pass the plagiarism check will be forwarded to the review process. The Managing Editor will request at least two scientists to review the research article manuscript. The editor or editorial board considers the feedback provided by the peer reviewers and arrives at a decision. The following are the most common decisions:

  • Accepted, as it is. The journal will publish the paper in its original form;
  • Accepted by Minor Revisions, the journal will publish the paper and asks the author to make small corrections (let authors revised with stipulated time);
  • Accepted by Major Revisions, the journal will publish the paper provided the authors make the changes suggested by the reviewers and/or editors (let authors revised with stipulated time);
  • Re-submit for Review (conditional rejection), the journal is willing to reconsider the paper in another round of decision making after the authors make major changes;
  • Rejected (outright rejection), the journal will not publish the paper or reconsider it even if the authors make major revisions.

Revision Submission based on Reviewer Suggestion (by author). If the reviewer seems to be satisfied with revision, editor will accept the manusript. The accepted manuscript will forward to galley and production step to publish it.