Aims and Scope

IJEC—Indonesian Journal of Ecology and Conservation publishes research on biodiversity conservation, conservation policy and sustainable use, and the interaction of these issues with the fields of Molecular, Systematics, and Evolution. The journal is interdisciplinary and has a particular interest in material with the potential to improve conservation management and practice. The Editors welcome submissions on topics relevant to the journal's focus, including:

  1. Research on the sustainable use of animal and plant species.
  2. Research on the status of threatened species, taxonomic groups, or habitats.
  3. Reviews of conservation policy, strategy, and legislation in practice.
  4. Planning for species and biodiversity conservation.
  5. Implementation of international conservation conventions.
  6. Conservation history, including the roles of key individuals, organizations, and initiatives.
  7. Causes and consequences of biodiversity loss.
  8. Case studies of conservation projects and programs.