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Fusobacterium necrophorum is a pathogen causing disease in animals, especially cattle, goats, and sheep. F. necrophorum infection can result in a variety of necrotic conditions (necrobacillosis). This study aimed to design a pair of primers for detecting the leukotoxin B (lktB) gene expressed by F. necrophorum as diagnostic support. The lktB gene sequence was obtained from GenBank NCBI with accession number AF312861.3:685-2337. Furthermore, the sequence was used as a template for in silico primer design using Primer-BLAST. Primer candidates successfully designed were then analyzed for their secondary structure using NetPrimer. The results showed that forward primer set 6 (5'-TCGGATGCTGGAATGCTACTT-3') and reverse primer set 6 (5'-GGGCTCCCAAATCCTTACGA-3') were a favorable primer set with a product size of 228 bp. However, laboratory experiments need to be carried out to determine the optimal conditions for this primer set.


foot rot Fusobacterium necrophorum in silico leukotoxin B necrobacillosis primer

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Praja, R. K., & Rosalina, R. (2021). Perancangan primer gen lktB pada Fusobacterium necrophorum untuk analisis PCR. Jurnal Sains Dan Teknologi Peternakan, 2(2), 47-55.