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Published: Mar 30, 2022

The Analysis of Sentence Construction and Meaning Interpretation of English Break Verbs and their Verbs Equivalence in Buginese Language

72-83 Herlina herlina, Hamzah A Machmoed, Sukmawaty
Read Statistic: 112

The Applying of Cognitive Strategy Instruction in Writing (CSIW) To Increase the students’ Writing Abilities

84-91 Badaruddin, St. Hajar L, Nurhamida Hamma
Read Statistic: 187

The Show must go on: How Students’ Perception on Online Learning in Bojonegoro

92-101 Iin Widya Lestari, Mohammad Fatoni
Read Statistic: 218

The Use of Sequence Pictures in Storytelling for Students’ Speaking Proficiency Development

102-113 Nur Ekaningsih, Fathurrahman Daffa Faiz Haq
Read Statistic: 246

The Analysis of Politeness Strategies in Buginese Bone Language

114-125 Sunnuraini, Abdul Hakim Yassi
Read Statistic: 339

Exploring Students and Teachers’ Anxiety in Learning English During Emergency Remote Teaching in Vocational High School in Bangli

126-138 Vera Yanti Made, Made Hery Santosa, Gede Mahendrayana
Read Statistic: 144

Boosting the Adult EFL literacy in Indonesian context: Revisiting the Universality of Schema Theory

Read Statistic: 125

English Teachers’ Competence toward the Students Achievement

155-167 Umar, Nursyam
Read Statistic: 239